building a new social contract with equity & justice for all.

At this distinct moment of historical reckoning, Jane’s Way partners with organizations to elevate cultures of equity and belonging.

We increase value, connection, and justice for companies, the communities they serve, and the world.

The world is calling for a different way. It’s time for

Jane's Way

knowledge in action is the bridge to a more just world
knowledge in action is the bridge to a more just world

We created Jane’s Way to level the entrenched social and economic disparities that cause deep harm to historically oppressed identity groups here in the US and around the world—our neighbors, our colleagues, our fellow humans, our selves.

At Jane’s Way, we identify KNOWLEDGE-IN-ACTION as the bridge between the unacceptable status quo and the more just world we want to bring into being.

A future where human possibility is released and human belonging is realized.

Closing the gap between what “just is” and authentic “justice,” to follow poet Amanda Gorman, requires more than moving the needle. It’s time to CHANGE THE NEEDLE, transforming our DEB approaches, methods, and mindsets to meet the global historical reckoning that has emerged from our exposure to the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and structural racism.



We invite you to partner with us in envisioning, drafting and building the future environments where we will live and work.

It’s a journey that calls for deep empathy, shared vulnerability, honesty, humility, and trust. A journey centered on creating rich organizational cultures of diverse belonging, which we locate just next to justice, our destination. Change the formula DEI to the equation D+E+B=J.  Change the needle with Jane's Way, and add more value than you ever thought possible.

There’s Something Different About

Jane's Way

we put belonging front and center

We put BELONGING front and center in advancing organizational equity and justice. Our programs and engagements are grounded not only in the business case for diversity, but in the HUMAN case, which recognizes our universal need and right to be seen, cared for, respected, and valued for who we are, and calls us, from our head, heart and guts, to work with one another to bring this into being for all people.

That’s not the only thing that sets us apart.

Take a look at our unique DEB pathway.


Where We’ve Been

The journey begins with an honest look back at where we’ve been, building share historical literacy about the origins and impacts of U.S. racism. We believe that we must reckon with our nation’s longstanding history of racist harm that continues to this day before we can forge a way forward. We view Historical Literacy as necessary pre-work for dismantling persistent structures of oppression in our country and globally.


Where We Are

From there, we invite our partners to look with clear eyes at where we are, which calls for reckoning with the harmful ways in which racial and other forms of oppression manifest in our organizations and communities. Though carefully facilitated Listening and Witnessing Tours, we guide organizations in surfacing the unsaid, shining a light on the truths of “othering” and inviting participants to reflect on how our actions (or inactions) may contribute to or disrupt such harms.


Where We Change

At this point in the journey, organizations are ready to begin the process of DEB transformation through what we call informed action. We facilitate intensive DEB Visioning & Strategic Action planning sessions, grounded in a deepened awareness of and accountability for the origins and impacts of racism (and other “isms”) and an ongoing commitment to forging a stronger organization that releases human potential.

Jane's Way partners with individuals and a wide range of firms across public, private, and non-profit sectors in architecture, education, financial services, healthcare, landscape architecture, and a range of cause-driven industries to achieve their highest DEB aspirations.


Join us in building a new social contract that achieves equity & justice for all.

a new social contract

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What our partners are saying

about working with us

“Our experience with Jane’s Way has been both revelatory and entirely natural.”

Our experience with Jane's Way has been both revelatory and entirely natural. They have guided our team through a year-long series of discussions — sometimes uncomfortable, often challenging, but always with empathy, intellect, and a sense that they understand and respect our firm's unique culture.

They have moved us from a place of self-reflection to collective action. And they have worked as fluidly with our leadership as they have with our entire staff. They are now trusted advisors and members of our family.”

—Eric Kramer,
Reed Hilderbrand

We reached out to Jane’s Way when we needed objective guidance and facilitation to manage organizational discussions on race, inclusion, equity and belonging. They quickly gained insights into our business, staff and culture, all while we worked 100% remotely.

Jane’s Way gave us a safe forum to hold these important discussions-encouraging all staff to participate and be heard.

They brought their experience and honed skills to bear in creating a thoughtful dialogue among our staff and partnering with us as we navigate a pathway towards greater equity and justice within Interise and the communities it is committed to serving.”

—Charlene Allen,
HR & Business Partner

As an incoming CEO, diversity and inclusion are among my top priorities. How fortunate that I found Jane's Way, whose Historical Literacy and DEIB Listening and Witnessing sessions with our Board helped raise the necessary awareness to take action steps to commence the organization’s DEIB journey.

This journey has begun with forming a Task Force that will partner with Jane’s Way to engage the organization in the necessary learning and reflection to develop a comprehensive DEIB strategic action plan for our organization.”

—Neal Litvack,
President & CEO
MSPCA Angell

Jane's Way supported The Yard and three other cultural organizations on Martha's Vineyard in designing and piloting a training for our seasonal and new staff members.

The team at Jane's Way combined their experience and expertise with curiosity and open-heartedness, customizing their work to our needs and building trust easily.

They approach their work with equal measures of enthusiasm and thoughtfulness, creativity and collaboration.”

—Chloe Jones,
Executive Director
The Yard