about the janes

Jane’s Way started with a gut feeling.

about the janes

Jane’s Way started with a gut feeling.

It was a persistent feeling that something was missing, something we understood in our bones but couldn’t name in the current DEI climate.

That’s because it didn’t exist. We kept teasing it out and noticed that the problem with standard DEI initiatives is that the outcomes they “sell” are measured by markers that don’t (and could never) capture the deep origins and impacts of the inequities and injustices leveled upon historically marginalized groups.

Jane’s Way is borne of our shared realization that the only way to create more just workplaces and communities is to focus on the immeasurable—on the elements needed to elevate, not just diversity in numbers, but also the felt experiences of each critical variable in the justice equation:




(Greater) Justice

Diversity + Equity + Belonging
= (Greater) Justice

Civil rights, human rights, & dignity for all humans
Civil rights, human rights, & dignity for all humans

We invite you to make room in your organizations and communities for the frame-changing perspective that is the hallmark of Jane’s Way. Our diversity, equity, and belonging (DEB) consultancy is built from our nearly 100 years combined experience in living, teaching, speaking and writing about—and at all times advocating for—civil and human rights and dignity for all humans, each of whom shares the same need and right to be and feel seen, cared for, respected and valued for who they are and the contributions they bring to the world.

We’re Jane Edmonds, Elizabeth Jane Swanson and Donna Ryan Moore, founders of Jane’s Way. We represent all "Jane Doe's" as symbol of our shared humanity.

We call ourselves “the Janes,” and we invite you to partner with us in embarking on a different, more authentic and comprehensive pathway to dismantle systemic racism and other “isms” that stifle justice where we live and work.

We invite you to feel the fire in your head, heart, and guts, and to move from there into concrete action, adding value to your organization in measurable and immeasurable ways.

feel the fire in your head, heart, and guts - then move into concrete action.

It’s time for

Jane's Way

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